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Sri Lanka | Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon is one of the most famous spices in the world.  Cinnamon has been used for thousands of years as a medicine, a food preservative, a flavour enhancer, as well as an embalming fluid. “Good morning, madam. Do you need a tuk tuk?” The question came from a passing 3-wheeler. “No, thank you.” I replied briefly, not wanting to encourage further discussion. He drove off. It seemed that he understood my

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Sri Lanka | Peradeniya Gardens

Peradeniya gardens or Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya located about 6 km from Kandy. There are several thousand species of flora from Sri Lanka, Asia and many countries around the world. Peradeniya gardens are undoubtedly pleasure gardens. It is nice to walk unhurried among the colorful flower alleys and gigantic exotic trees or to listen to birds singing in some romantic corner. Although they are called Royal Botanical Gardens, they certainly

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Sri Lanka | Yapahuwa, the forgotten capital protected by lions

Yapahuwa was the ancient capital for a very short time in fact only 12 years.This was an extremely turbulent time for the Sinhalese kingdom was falling because of a mixture intrigue, a betrayal and invasions from the south of India. Recognizing the defensive potential of Yapahuva, the King Buvenekabahu I decided to build the capital there. He built a  fortress with a double line of defensive walls separated by a moat.

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Sri Lanka | Delft Island, where live wild horses

Delft Island, an coral island located on the west of the Jaffna Peninsula. It can be reached by daily ferry. What did we discover during our one-day trip… It was almost half past eight, a navy boat which should take us to the Delft Island was just visible at the end of the long jetty. The day had began with a quick breakfast, prepared especially early by extemely polite manager of the Blue

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Sri Lanka | Colombo, what to see

The largest and most modern city, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. What to see in Colombo, full of hustle and bustle … The dilemma: to stay in Colombo or not? Many tourists coming to Sri Lanka ask themselves this question.      I did not use to have enough time to get to know Colombo better. However, it attracted me like a magnet, regardless of other people’s opinions, never ending

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The best place to stay in Negombo

The best place to stay in Negombo is near to the  Bandaranaike International Airport. A place for an unwind  after your arrival and before your departure. When you arrive to Sri Lanka, especially during the  night or in the early morning, you probably are tired after your long flight and dreaming about a place where you can rest and refresh yourself. That’s how it was with us. After a long 13-hour

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Must see in Negombo

Negombo is the nearest city to the Bandaranaike Airport, the fourth largest city of Sri Lanka. It is known for tourism, fishing and as a “small Rome”. After a long flight to Sri Lanka, it is worth to planing the first night close to the airport. Our body, pressed for a long time into a form of an airplane seat, now  asks for straightening and also our lazy radio vascular system

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Our travel plan to Sri Lanka

Our travel plan to Sri Lanka was for a group of six friends. We planned sightseeing and relaxation. Sightseeing in the north and rest in the south of the island. It was our second trip, so I prepared our travel plan to Sri Lanka without places that we knew. First time we visited Anuradaphura, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla, Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Haputale, Lipton’s  Seat, Udawalawe National Park and Kandy. This time we were curious about the

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Plan podróży na Sri lankę – zwiedzanie i wypoczynek

Plan podróży na Sri lankę dla sześcioosobowej grupy, zaplanowany pod kątem zwiedzania i wypoczynku. Zwiedzanie północy, a wypoczynek na południu. Była to druga wspólna wyprawa tej grupy, wobec tego nasz plan podróży na Sri lankę przygotowałam z pominięciem miejsc już przez nas znanych, tych które odwiedziliśmy rok wcześniej. Intrygowała nas północ wyspy, miejsca związane z zakończoną w 2009 roku wojną, ale też inne wpisane w historię i kulturę Sri lanki. Mieliśmy 21 dni,

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Sri Lanka| How to prepare for your trip

Good to know

Trip to Srilanka, why not?  Sri Lanka is still less popular than India, but has a certain vibe of India, especially when you include in  your trip,  the north of the Island which is very Hindu. You are going to an exotic country, a few thousand kilometers away (about 7,500 km from Europe), and of course you have immediately  thousands of questions, both organizational and related to health and safety. You

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