Ceylon tea revealed

Ceylon tea is one of the best teas in the world and it is made from the evergreen bushes of Camellia sinensis.

Here are some interesting facts about the one of the most appreciated teas:

  1. With different manufacturing methods and the differential degree of oxidation obtained as follows: white, green, oolong and black tea.
  2. The three main types of Ceylon tea are: green tea (unfermented), oolong tea (partially fermented) and black tea (fully fermented).
  3. White tea is the most exclusive of the Sri Lankan teas. Each year it produces only about 2000 kilograms, which is less than 0.1% of domestic production. Its price is also reasonably high, because white tea is only made using tea buds.
  4. The quality of tea is influenced by several important factors such as: soil, wind, temperature, precipitation, humidity, sun and a altitude about sea level. On such a small island as Sri Lanka,  there are optimal conditions for obtaining the highest quality leaves.

    Flower of tea, Sri lanka
    Tea blossom, Sri lanka
  5. Sri Lankan tea is divided into several classes during the production process and is labeled as such. You will come across these when you go to buy tea:
  • OP or Orange Pekoe – this class is the highest grade of tea. The tea leaves are long, narrow and thin. The brew has a delicate smell and taste and has a bright colour.
  • Pekoe – the leaves of this species are short and not as elastic as OP. After brewing its taste is a bitter and has a sweet finish and a stronger colour.
  • BOP or Broken Orange Pekoe – This type of tea is the most sought after. A good quality, clean medium-sized leaf with plenty of stems and fiber. The taste of the tea is rich and fresh, and the liquid has a bright colour.
  • More on this topic at: http://www.halpetea.com/ceylon-tea-guide
  1. The best tea is fresh and properly stored. Because it is easily absorbed by moisture and smells (which changes its taste and antioxidant content), it is best to store it in a sealed container or a foil bag in a refrigerator.
  1. How to brew the perfect tea?

Depending on the size of the leaves of the tea, to get a strong black tea we steep it for 3 to 5 minutes  and we use boiled water at 95-100 degrees Celsius. You must first warm up the pot or cup by rinsing it with hot water so that the cold dish does not cool the water already at the beginning.

Always mix the mixture after pouring water, and then again before the tea is served. Weak tea is obtained by diluting the infusion rather than by shortening the infusion.


Green tea becomes very bitter when we brew it with boiling water. The recommended time to brew green tea is 2-3 minutes, and the water temperature should be between 75-85 degrees Celsius. Mix it with water and before serving, again.


It is in partially fermented tea, so it occupies a place between black and green tea. It can be boiled for 2-3 minutes like green tea but preferably at a slightly higher temperature of about 90 degrees Celsius.


The most important element when it comes to brewing this tea is water quality. Water that is hard does not bring out the taste of the buds, and it destroys the subtlety of taste and aroma.

It is safest to use good quality spring water. The water should be boiled only once, in a clean, calcium free kettle. When the water boils, wait a few minutes for it cool down a few degrees.

Using clean and dry white porcelain cup, we pour the tea and then pour freshly boiled water. When the cup is filled to about half a centimetre from the top, stir to start the brew.

The buds slowly release their taste and smell, changing the colour from silver to an olive green. After four minutes and frequent mixing, the water will become a pale yellow. The infusion is subtle, elegant and slightly fruity. You need to savour it in a peaceful environment where the spiritual experience will join in the visual, taste and scent experience .

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