The Taste of Sri Lanka

The Taste of Sri Lanka

At the beginning of 2020, the book “My journey with Witkacy and Malinowski to Ceylon” was published in Poland. Why did I write this book and what about the story exactly is ? Sri Lanka is my favourite place – it’s full of colours, smells, tastes and sounds. I have visited the island several times...


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I invite you to an unusual journey in which I will share with you my knowledge, passion and paintings. I will tell you about my Sri Lanka and stories of amazing people. I will show you what impresses me in the culture of this country and how it relates to Europe. I will reveal to you what gives me joy, because "in every joy it is wonderful that it comes undeserved and can never be bought," and it is given to us by the beauty of the world that passes by us every day.

Alina Kręcisz

Alina Kręcisz
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