How to open a coconut? – advice for men and women


Does anyone buy them? – I have often wondered, passing by a coconut stand.

Well, these brown, hairy fruits are more like grenades than anything that can be easily opened. How to open a coconut? How do the SriLankans handle this? – I saw this for the first time, during a cooking lesson in Sri Lanka. One fast move with a machete and hey presto, the coconut is open.

How to open coconut
How to open coconut?

As one might expect, I do not keep supply of machetes at home, but I do love fresh shavings, so I decided to explore the subject. My first coconut I bought in Poland, was delivered into a “strong man’s hands”.

Many different boy’s toys went into motion and …after much  commotion , clatters and banging, success ! My first sambol was born, or rather freshly cut, shredded salad.

I love sambol. So, when my “strongman” vanished, I decided to find an easier way to open the coconut. After a short theoretical preparation, it turned out to be very easy. There are actually several ways to do this, which include cooking in the oven. I chose the one that seems to be the easiest. I can assure you that even the ‘dainties” of hands can crack open this perilous fruit.

Instructions – How to open a coconut?


  • Buying the coconut – Choose a heavy fruit with no visible damage, especially in the area of ​​three dark dots at the top, shake it and if it makes a splashing noise, it should be good to go.
  • Prepare a screwdriver or long narrow knife, hammer and a glass for the coconut water.
  • With a knife or a screwdriver, make holes in the three visible dark dots (if you it is hard to pierce the crust, hit the hammer with a screwdriver).

Pour the water through the punched holes (you can drink it or add it to a fruit cocktail or recipe).

  • Holding the coconut in one hand, hit the perimeter with a hammer until it breaks.
  • Watch how I do it !
  • The white coconut flesh is covered with a thin, dark crust that is edible. You can also pick it up with a cheese grater or a knife.
  • Fresh coconut shavings will be formed as you mix or grind the cleaned pulp (you can make coconut milk, yogurt, salad or add this to many recipes).
  • The flesh is rich in fiber, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, and also folic acid. However, the highest levels of health are the saturated fatty acids present.


I hope my advice has helped both women and men, feeble or strong.

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