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Nuwara Eliya | Little England of Sri lanka

Nuwara Eliya is known among tourists as Little England of Sri anka. The discovery of Nuwara Eliya was associated with a unique climate, unlike the rest of Sri Lanka. On my table steaming a cup of black Ceylon tea, in the background is piano music, several people immersed in comfortable chairs relaxing in the atmosphere of this place. The elegant colonial interior of the Grand Hotel brings me back to the

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Sigiriya – Let’s visit the visionary Kashyapa

Sigiriya – The Lion’s Rock, rock fortress has a history marred by intrigue, betrayal and bloody and violent death. It is the refined artistic vision of but one man. Abandoned and forgotten for a millennia, it is now inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. How did this extraordinary structure come into being? Let us go back  to the 5th century AD. Seated on the throne of Anuradaphura’s capital is King

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7 places places you should see in Trincomalee

There are some places you should see in Trincomalee. Trincomalee is a city in north-eastern Sri Lanka and one of the world’s best natural harbours. Its strategic location was often used both in colonial times and during the World War II. Currently it is visited by an increasing number of tourists, due to its attractions: beautiful surrounding beaches, whale watching, diving, snorkelling and important historical sites. For me Trinko (as it is

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Where can you see the elephants in Sri Lanka?

Seeing elephants in Sri Lanka is one of our expectations when visit, especially when we are here for the first time and we look forward to this impatiently. This can happen along the road side or at a Buddhist temple. Elephants, as demonstrated  by Buddhist tradition, take part in religious festivals, albeit wildly disputed.  Elephants also carry tourists, what is increasingly being questioned around the world. An elephant in Dondra Temple.

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Ceylon tea revealed

Ceylon tea is one of the best teas in the world and it is made from the evergreen bushes of Camellia sinensis. Here are some interesting facts about the one of the most appreciated teas: With different manufacturing methods and the differential degree of oxidation obtained as follows: white, green, oolong and black tea. The three main types of Ceylon tea are: green tea (unfermented), oolong tea (partially fermented) and black

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Leave only footprints in Horton Plains

“KILL ONLY TIME TAKE ONLY PICTURES REMOVE ONLY RUBBISH LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS “ This sign greets us at the entrance to Horton Plains. The 3,169 hectare Horton Plains National Park is a little different than the rest of Sri Lankan National Parks. It is ideal for a few hours hiking on the grassy plateau (up to 2100-2300 m a.s.l.) and between bizarre forms of cloudy forests. Such a forest, typical of

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