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The first underwater painter in Ceylon

The first underwater painter in Ceylon, it’s hard to believe but this story happened 150 years ago. He used a special submarine to paint underwater life in the ocean… “…a strong header from the edge of the heavy boat brought me into the depth. Immediately I found myself in the diving bell; cautiously I slid inside and started breathing in the confined space, in which all the sounds had a benumbing

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Julian Fałat, to Ceylon and around the World

Julian Fałat, one of the most outstanding Polish watercolourist, traveled to Ceylon and around the World in 1885. It turned out to be the adventure of his life. He had studied painting at the Krakow School of Fine Arts and became its rector. He had studied in Zurich and Munich and became the court painter of the German Emperor. He had traveled around Europe and then went on a journey around

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The history of Ceylon tea

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The history of Ceylon tea has its close relationship with coffee and begins back in the 19th century. The father of tea brought to the island is a young Scot called James Taylor. The history of tea has its origins in China around 2700 years BC. Tea from China went to many Asian countries, and finally, also to Ceylon. When does the history of Ceylon tea begin? Apparently in the seventeenth

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