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Sri Lanka | Peradeniya Gardens

Peradeniya gardens or Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya located about 6 km from Kandy. There are several thousand species of flora from Sri Lanka, Asia and many countries around the world. Peradeniya gardens are undoubtedly pleasure gardens. It is nice to walk unhurried among the colorful flower alleys and gigantic exotic trees or to listen to birds singing in some romantic corner. Although they are called Royal Botanical Gardens, they certainly

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Sri Lanka | Delft Island, where live wild horses

Delft Island, an coral island located on the west of the Jaffna Peninsula. It can be reached by daily ferry. What did we discover during our one-day trip… It was almost half past eight, a navy boat which should take us to the Delft Island was just visible at the end of the long jetty. The day had began with a quick breakfast, prepared especially early by extemely polite manager of the Blue

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Where can you see the elephants in Sri Lanka?

Seeing elephants in Sri Lanka is one of our expectations when visit, especially when we are here for the first time and we look forward to this impatiently. This can happen along the road side or at a Buddhist temple. Elephants, as demonstrated  by Buddhist tradition, take part in religious festivals, albeit wildly disputed.  Elephants also carry tourists, what is increasingly being questioned around the world. An elephant in Dondra Temple.

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Leave only footprints in Horton Plains

“KILL ONLY TIME TAKE ONLY PICTURES REMOVE ONLY RUBBISH LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS “ This sign greets us at the entrance to Horton Plains. The 3,169 hectare Horton Plains National Park is a little different than the rest of Sri Lankan National Parks. It is ideal for a few hours hiking on the grassy plateau (up to 2100-2300 m a.s.l.) and between bizarre forms of cloudy forests. Such a forest, typical of

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