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Trip to Srilanka, why not? 

Sri Lanka is still less popular than India, but has a certain vibe of India, especially when you include in  your trip,  the north of the Island which is very Hindu. You are going to an exotic country, a few thousand kilometers away (about 7,500 km from Europe), and of course you have immediately  thousands of questions, both organizational and related to health and safety.

You look for your perfect Holiday, see all the photos of Sri Lanka, the reviews etc.  and suddenly you are inspired and you start preparing for your trip.

How do I start?

  1. Tickets

From my experience, they should be bought at least a few months in advance, especially if you want a good connection and not a ridicoulously long layover between the connecting flights. Just before the departure date, airlines sell the same tickets even several times more expensive. You should also consider the insurance against cancellations. I have never used this option, but recently a random accident forced my friends to cancel the flight and the airline paid them only 16% of the ticket price. Something to think about.

I often search for tickets through Scyscanner and Momondo, where there have easy-to-use price comparison engines.

  1. Passports

Your passport must be valid for at least six months to the date of departure  for Sri Lanka.

If you lose your passport, contact your nearest embassy.  If there isn’t  your country’s embassy in Sri Lanka, look for the embassy of any EU country, they  have a duty to help you.

  1. Visas

A 30-day tourist visa can be purchased electronically on the website. Go to;

Sri Lanka potrzebne dokumentyty
Trip to Srilanka 

Payments are made by credit card. Give your place of arrival  stay in Sri Lanka, e.g.  hotel. Confirmation is received in the email address they provide in the form. A visa can also be purchased at the airport before passport control. The validity of a visa starts from the moment you cross the border.

Visa to Sri Lanka
Visa to Sri Lanka in the airport

You should also fill in the Departure Card for the Department of Immigration & Emigration, where you must include your address in Sri Lanka (address of any hotel). The Departure Card is dealt with on the plane or just before the passport checkpoints. When we fly from Sri Lanka, we do not fill this card Iin again.


  1. Insurance

You need to take out good travel  insurance . If you take out good quality insurance, you will have access to the best medical care when needed. Also, it’s important to be able to contact your insurerance company easily, which will indicate the places where we can get assistance from a doctor or hospital.


  1. Vaccinations

No vaccinations are required for tourists coming from Europe. However, there are a few recommended vaccinations; Hepatitis A and B and Typhoid.

Rabies can be found in dogs, bats, and other mammals in Sri Lanka. Avoid touching animals or consider pre-exposure rabies vaccination.
Dogs on the beach
Dogs on the beach

More informations on webside:


  1. Other diseases


In September 2016, Sri Lanka was recognized by the WHO as a country free of malaria.


Dengue is an infectious disease caused by the dengue virus transmitted by two of the 140 species of mosquitoes found in Sri Lanka. There is no risk of transferring the disease between people. The threat of this disease occurs not only in Sr Llanka, but also in South Asia, South America and Africa. Typically, dengue symptoms are similar to the symptoms of influenza: high fever, rash, headache and muscle aches.

Prevention:  The use of repellents, mosquito nets, , wearing long sleeves and trousers (especially between dusk and dawn). In case of illness, it is recommended to contact a doctor, lie down, use paracetamol, and drink plenty of  water, juice, electrolyte drinks.

For more information, go to the Epidemiology Unit, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka webside:

  1. Other tips

My extensive travel experience In Sri Lanka would highlight the following key issues:

  • Drink only bottled water
  • Wash your hands requently using clean water
  • Wash All fruit In clean water
  • Sleep in air-conditioned rooms or with mosquito nets
  • Use mosquito repellents with the highest DEET content
  • Some tourists claim that a shot of neat alcohol before any meal consumed . Alcohol can help to avoid digestive problems
  • Avoid contact with dogs and cats and numerous monkeys prezent, especially in tourist places
  • I have not done so far, but before my next trip I have decided to get vaccinated against rabies. The vaccine does not completely protect against the disease, but could provide protection if bitten by a stray animal.
  • Smile, be open, the world will be more beautiful



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